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High Road Marketing and Communications was founded by Helen Granger and Denn Santoro. For over 25 years, in our own businesses, we have each been serving customers in management consulting, marketing, graphic design, and database design. In 2008 we decided to join forces to create a company that takes advantage of our experience and knowledge to help companies be the best they can be using the increasingly powerful opportunities of the internet.

Helen Granger

Ms. Granger is a graphic designer with over 20 years experience in traditional and web based marketing and publishing. Along with her business experience she has also worked as a researcher at Carnegie-Mellon University doing usability studies, user interface design, and researching the social aspects of engineering. She has used her graphic expertise across a wide range of industries and disciplines including the fields of corporate training and customer service development. Ms. Granger is also a fine artist and illustrator.

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Denn Santoro

Mr. Santoro has long experience in management consulting, data analysis and database and system design and development. He has been creating web sites for nearly 2 decades. For 10 years he was a faculty member in the Graduate School of Management at Lesley University where he was instrumental in creating one of the first technology management curricula in the country. He has consulted with organizations all over the world including large HMOs, hospitality organizations, State governments, the United Nations and many small local businesses. He is also a working photographer; a skill he uses in many of High Road's web sites.

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I have worked with High Road for more than two years on a variety of digital projects. Helen and Denn are a smart, responsive team that is committed to doing best for each client. From eblasts, google analytics, coding, web development and social media insights, High Road is knowledgeable and thoughtful. As a marketing professional, I value their technical knowledge and wisdom. Best of all, I know they will deliver a project with speed and precision!

Cara McCarthy Hutchins, Principal, Communications, Ink


Where Creativity Meets Technology

Where Creativity Meets Technology

High Road Marketing & Communications

High Road Marketing and Communications

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