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Problems. Life, and business, present us all with quite a few. What is the #1 service we provide? Problem solving. We’re creative. We look at the world, and your situation, from a slightly different angle. In doing so, we can come up with effective solutions. And yes, like many creative folk, we have the MacGyver instinct. We can make it with the tools at hand if need be. Sometimes a little can be a lot.

Whether you are looking for a creative and responsive web site that helps you stand out from the crowd, want to strategize marketing solutions, need some numbers crunched, want to add some graphic pizzazz to your marketing, or need to get your data ducks in a row (or a table) High Road can help. With the range of services we offer directly, and through our strategic partners, we can help you find and capitalize on opportunities that can make your business grow.

Website Development

We specialize in website solutions that work—for your business and for your customers. In the last few years there has been a proliferation of devices that can access the web. How a website looks on any of these devices can vary widely. We are committed to designing websites responsively when that is the best choice. We want your website to work across browsers, platforms, and devices from desktops to tablets to smart phones (and whatever comes next).

It is our goal to support your business and your brand. To that end we take the time to learn about your business and your customers from the best expert—you. We can create the design for your site or work with your own designer to build to their design. If you are a web expert you’ll find we speak your language and if you are a web novice we can help you understand what your best options are without your having to do a lick of research.

High Road can bring your business alive on the web and we understand how to scale a site to your budget. We can custom code your site or create content management sites (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.) that don’t look like all the other template based CMS sites out there. We’ll always give you true value and never more than you need.

How a website is built is just as important as how it looks. At High Road we care deeply about creating websites that work well and look good. Get in touch for a quote and see how good we can make you look.

Website Maintenance and Management

Having an active website with changing content is important to engaging your customers and generating regular traffic to your site and business. It is also quite important to keeping a higher ranking in search returns (SEO). However, managing regular updates on your own can be quite a chore. We offer monthly maintenance and pay as you go plans. In either plan, we can make changes (to visual and text content) for you, add new content, or add functionality as needed. We can help streamline your site management if you prefer to do some or all of it yourself. Our monthly maintenance plan charges a set price each month for an agreed upon set of changes. This is good if you have seasonal changes (more occurring in some months, less in others) and for anyone who needs regular changes to their site. Our pay as you go plan is priced separately by task and is best for those who are only making occasional changes.


At High Road we can host your website at a very competitive rate and we bundle services together that would cost far more if you bought them separately. Most importantly, we add a security package that monitors your site for hacking and black listing and that can quickly repair your site if it is hacked. We also work proactively to protect against new threats. “But I'm a small site” you may say. But hacking has become a big industry. We see hundreds of probes and attacks daily on web sites we manage. WordPress sites are especially big targets. You don’t want your site to be infected with malicious code that can infect your site visitors. But without security scanning, you probably won’t know until it is too late.

We are easy to contact if you have problems. Mostly, we take care of the tech stuff so you don’t have to. We have been providing tech support for custom systems in the high tech world for nearly 3 decades. Unlike some folks who have been around for that long, we stay current on the technology. You can rest assured we’ll be there when you need us and at a price you can afford.

Marketing Strategies

Just about everyone you want to reach is online. Print publications, like papers and magazines, are losing circulation and moving online too. Online advertising is cost effective and no trees will die to get your message out. While print hasn’t gone away, it is important to know when to be in print, on line, in someone’s email inbox, on their social media feed or meeting them in person. Knowing how to best use your resources is where we can help

We can help you design and implement a strategy that is right for your organization and your needs. We work with your web site to help it get found on search engines by the people who want what you offer. That may involve proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, Social networking and more. Having an active online presence for your company is all about providing service and communication to your customers. This connection to your customers helps to grow that group and helps keep them committed and happy.

We can also work with you to create effective print materials. Keeping print and online material visually pleasing, easy to read, and consistently conveying the same brand image is important and we excel at it. Getting your message out where your customers are is the goal. From Twitter to Facebook to Google to review sites like Yelp to the people who walk in to your place of business and more, knowing how to reach your target audience through multiple channels has become essential. We work with you to make that happen!


Turning data into useful information that you can act on to improve your organization’s efficiency and bottom line isn’t as easy as just using the tools to collect it. You will hear lots of talk about Google Analytics but understanding what they, or any numbers, mean is a specialized skill. We can help you understand how many actual people are coming to your web site, what content they find most interesting, and what searches and outside links they use to find that content. We can help you understand what is actually happening with that email blast you sent out including how many people got it, how many opened it, and how many people actually interacted with it. Helping you collect the right data and understand what it means is something we specialize in at High Road. We can help you manage your internal data, track meaningful statistics from your web traffic, and analyze what it all means. Knowing what is meaningful and how to use that informations strategically can help you grow your business effectively.

Graphic Design

Online or in print, we will make it beautiful, readable, and fully functional. We can work with you on your graphics from an original concept or work with your existing branding and designs. With so many years of experience that we have to blush when we mention it we've got all the tools necessary to create quality logos, branding, publications, ads, newsletters, brochures, presentations, books, websites, blog layouts, email blasts, magazines, t-shirts, billboards, postcards, mailers... you get the idea.

We care about the details while keeping the big picture in mind. Those details matter because that is where the devil is, that demon that makes your website break, your ad not print correctly, that typo no one sees until the wrong moment. You want ads that look good, catch the eye, and inform your customers. You want publications that are easily readable, professionally polished, and crisp. You want your presence online to work on every click of the mouse and on everyone's device. We do too, and we make it our job to make sure that happens.

Database Development & Consulting

Data has no meaning. Data is what we use to create information and information is what you need! But you have data, whether you know it or not. We know how to turn that data into useful information to help your organization. Then we can help you understand what it means and how it can help you.

There are lots of tools out there that collect data. Do they fit your organization? Helping you collect the right data and understand what it means is something we specialize in at High Road. We can use standard tools or build custom databases that capture the data you need. We can organize that data, analyze it and present the information it provides in ways that help you understand what it means. Then you can act on it to grow.

Where Creativity Meets Technology

Where Creativity Meets Technology

High Road Marketing & Communications

High Road Marketing and Communications

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