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Featured Projects

We have lots of wonderful clients and fascinating projects but we want to share with you here some of our latest favorites. In each case presented on this page we were given an interesting problem to solve and were able to complete the projects to both the client’s and our own satisfaction (and we are picky!).

As the mobile trend has accelerated, many new developments have occurred in web design and we have been keeping up on them. Right now we are helping a lot of our clients by rebuilding their sites using coding to make the site respond to the device the user is accessing it on, serving content that is easy to read and access no matter what they are using (called Responsive Design).

Recent projects include: a new, responsive site for Sea Turtle Sightings Hotline and The Inn on Shipyard Park, helping Riverside Art re-imagine and re-engineer their rebranded website, and more.


Working with both of you has just been a wonderful experience. You give us the flexibility of integrating our creative consultant with your web design. The development and implementation process was well organized. And we rely on your help with quick page updates which saves us invaluable time.

Beth Lambert, CEO
Herbalist & Alchemist, Inc


Frank Corp. Environmental Services

Frank Corp. got in touch with us when they decided it was time to update their website. Their original site was built quite some time ago and had not been updated in the meantime. Links were broken, information was out of date, and it was certainly not responsive!

In the new design for their site we really wanted to highlight the important work Frank Corp. does for the environment. Their major work is in cleaning up industrial spills and dealing with hazardous waste. Dirty business. But we wanted the site to reflect the results clean water, clean land, a greener world. So we used a water scape background for the major design motif and kept images of what they clean up to a minimum with most photos showing Frank Corp. personnel engaged in their important work.

Frank Corp. Environmental Services website image

High Road has had the good fortune to work on a number of projects with multi-generational companies, many started back in the 40s and 50s. The particular challenge in these cases is working with logos and branding developed pre-internet when everything was printed. Personally, we love these vintage logos and we have developed an efficient process to recreate these logos (by hand) in a more modern medium. These logos are usually "line art" and so lend themselves very well to being converted to the SVG format. This makes them truly scalable and very light weight and quick to load. Our goal is always to be as true to the brand as possible while bringing it up to date.

image of Frank Corp. Environmental Services site
Frank Corp. site redesign (2015)
image of Frank Corp. Environmental Services old site
Frank Corp. Environmental Services pre-2015

Peter Briggs Insurance

High Road had done the initial design on the Peter Briggs Insurance website in 2010 and they were quite pleased with the result. But in the meantime, the web and the types of devices we use to access it have changed. When we went back to assess their site in 2014 we also realized that a number of links to outside sites (insurance agencies) were no longer current. So much can change in 4 years time!

Since we needed to clean up the broken links, we spoke with PBI about convertng their site to a new, responsive, design. It gave them an oppurtunity to go over their content and freshen it up and we got the chance to give them an updated look.

Peter Briggs Insurance website image

In all our conversion to responsive design projects, we are particularly aware of some key things: that branding and look and feel are consistent; that we do our best to make images and graphics both support the branding and load quickly on devices that may not have a fast connection; and that the most important information for the user is easy to find and quick to access. To that end, we decided against a "hamburger" menu icon on the small screen version of the site and instead opted for the 3 most important sections of the site right at the top of the page, with the 3 other major site sections at the bottom. This makes it very clear to the user what kind of content is on the site and it is not hidden. image of Peter Briggs Insurance site

image of Peter Briggs Insurance site
Peter Briggs Insurance site redesign (2015)
image of Peter Briggs Insurance old site
Peter Briggs Insurance pre-2015

Sea Turtle Sightings Hotline

For more than a decade, the Sea Turtle Sightings Hotline, operated by Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, has worked to gather data and raise awareness about sea turtles in the region.

The project’s mission is one that High Road strongly supports. In 2009 we took over serving the Hotline’s original website and improved it by adding descriptions of the sea turtle species, images of free swimming turtles, and geo-mapping plots showing sightings over the years.

Sea Turtle Sightings Hotline website image

In 2015 we spearheaded a major redesign of the website so boaters could use the site well while on the water. In the site redesign it was important to address some specific issues: that anyone, on any device, can use the website both to report sightings quickly and to help identify what sea turtles they see; that the phone and online reporting were prominent no matter what device a visitor was using; and that turtle photos, which could help with identification, could be easily found and be high enough resolution to help, even on phones. We managed to meet all those criteria and still have quick load times.

By making the site responsive we also helped ensure the site is more likely to be found in an online search.

image of Sea Turtle Sightings Hotline site
Sea Turtle Sightings Hotline site redesign (2015)
image of Sea Turtle Sightings Hotline old site
Sea Turtle Sightings Hotline site 2009—2014

The Inn on Shipyard Park

We created the Inn’s first site back in 2012. As with all the sites we did at that time it was static (not responsive) but set up to work reasonably well on smaller screens.

The Inn on Shipyard Park is a busy place, a bar, a restaurant, a B&B that has nightly music and a lively following with a big boost from tourist traffic in the summer months, including boaters. With the advent and pervasiveness of using mobile devices to access online content it became increasingly obvious that their site would need to be much more than just “mobile friendly.”

We checked their stats and knew that their website traffic was trending to over 50% mobile users. A redesign and restructuring of their site to a responsive framework was tremendously important.

The Inn on Shipyard Park website image

The original visual design for the site was created with the Inn’s owners using their materials. The visuals support the brand of the Inn so we wanted to keep what we could and continue to use that look and feel on the new site.

The challenge and the fun in working on this site redesign was to take the elements of the site and rearrange them to work well responsively. We had to consider what the mobile user of the site was most likely looking for when accessing the site (music and food specials) and make those the easiest pieces of info to access. Then dig further into the site and consider how more complicated information (room rates, menus) would be displayed on small devices. All text content is available to the user on any device, but, we customized the use of graphics per device size so that load times on mobile devices will be fast and users on larger devices get to see some fun, Inn-style retro images.

image of The Inn on Shipyard Park site
The Inn’s site on a wide screen
image of The Inn on Shipyard Park site narrow screen
The Inn’s site on a narrow screen

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

image of teacher's guide image of teacher's guide

The Park came to us with a request to create a Teacher’s Resource Guide for their Youth Ambassador Program (YAP!) to accompany their recently produced album. The Guide needed to be easily distributed through email and the web and also needed to link directly to resources online, so an interactive PDF was determined as the way to go.

The Guide that we produced picked up the design elements used in the album art and included images from YAP! videos. It incorporates links to audio, video, and web pages. One of the challenges was to keep the PDF to a manageable file size even with the inclusion of so many design elements. The final PDF can be accessed from the Park’s website at www.nps.gov/nebe.

As a continuation of this project, YAP! took part in an Underground Railroad conference. The Park asked us to help them produce materials for that conference that included flyers with QR codes for instructions on screening the YAP! documentary, the Teacher’s Resource Guide, YAP! social media and the YAP! app. We helped the Park determine the best (fastest and cheapest) way to produce and package the materials, all with the design style created in the PDF project.

Yap materials image

Riverside Art

A local, family-owned business, had been static in their on line presence for years. Their design and branding looked dated, their site was hard to navigate, and just did not represent the creative and wide ranging services they provided. They had worked with a designer on new branding and had come up with a great new look. Their previous web designer was having trouble translating the new branding into a site that looked good, was easy to use, and that really showed what the company could provide for a wide range of customers. After a few months of frustration and with no new site up, they asked us in for a consultation.

We talked with them about their business and their website needs to determine if the website design they were working with would meet their needs. We proposed some modifications to the design, content, and structure of the site that would improve upon the direction they were going in. They decided to give us a try.

image of old website

The previous company was using proprietary software to deliver the site to the web and said they could not transfer it to another platform. We were able to pull the old site from the proprietary format and redeliver it in web standards without any downtime. In 6 weeks we had a new site up. The new site is fully responsive, easy to navigate, and organizes their products and services in ways that make them easy to find and understand.

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